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Yukon Marine Manufacturing

Yukon Marine Manufacturing, an Emmonak skiff building facility, opened its doors in 1999. The company sells approximately 20-24 skiffs October through May and repairs boats for people in the surrounding villages, in preparation for the salmon season.

Typical repairs are for cracks and fabrication per the owner’s specifications. Construction of 18 new skiffs were completed in 2008, employing 10 Yukion Delta residents.  A total of 123 skiffs have been built and sold since the beginning of the program in 1999.

Boats are designed by local fishermen, engineered by Kvichak Marine, and assembled by Yukon Marine Manufacturing. Style and sizes are available as follows:

Flat Yukon 20 x 6 and 22x 6
  22 x 7 and 24 x 7
Semi-V 20 x 5.9 and 22 x 5.9
  22 x 7 and 24 x 7

New! Now Available:   extra semi-v with 5" draft. 24 x 7